Small Shipments (Import) Platform | Trevio

Small Shipments (Import) Platform

“Trevio Parcel“ is a digital solution for declaring parcels. The parcel customs system helps the post and parcel industry improve the quality of services and delivery experience while pivoting to new digital models to reduce costs and realize growth.

  • 1.

    Full integration with LT customs

  • 2.

    Declaration of IOSS and non-OSS shipments

  • 3.

    100,000+ shipment load support

  • 4.

    Online payment processing via E-banking and other systems

  • 5.

    Communication with recipients (SMS, email)

  • 6.

    Possibility for the recipient to correct the data, refuse the shipment, etc.

  • 7.

    The professional customs brokers who can deal with non-standard situations 24/7

  • 8.

    Data archive

  • 9.

    Work 24/7

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Small Shipments (Import) Platform
  • IT solution for declaring small parcels (Trevio Parcel)

  • IT solution for communication with recipients (

  • Professional customs brokers who can handle non-standard situations 24/6

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How does Trevio Parcel works

1. The transport company submits the shipment details and changes. The status of the shipments changes to "Arrived", when shipments arrive at the warehouse.

2. The customs broker submits the data to the customs.

3. Customs check the data and release the shipments into free circulation.

4. The status of the system changes to "Approved" — the parcels can be delivered to the recipient.

5. If necessary, VAT fees and additional information from recipients are collected through the self-service portal.