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What is Trevio Warehouse?

What is Trevio Warehouse?

 "Trevio Warehouse" is a transport management and loading docks' scheduling platform. It lets you plan cargo loading/unloading more efficiently and optimize warehouse recourses.

Cargo dispatching and receiving in the warehouse is one of the main tasks in supply chain. Effectivity of loading and unloading depends heavily on how well the process is managed.

Even the most experienced managers may not always be able to anticipate interruptions in this process - employees get sick, trucks get stuck in traffic jams or time is miscalculated. As a result, it may disrupt the process.

 "Trevio Warehouse"  helps you coordinate the resources and warehouse workload. It covers everything from reservations of loading docks to advance planning of required resources, staff or equipment.

Advantages of Trevio Warehouse

  • Well planned operations and workload of the warehouse
    Well planned operations and workload of the warehouse

    It's quite typical that several truck drivers come to the warehouse to load or unload cargo at the same time. This increases the workload of warehouse employees and sometimes causes stress if drivers insist to be served as quickly as possible. The system allows to plan and even out the traffic flow to the warehouse, immediately directing drivers to designated loading docks. 

  • Clear work plan
    Clear work plan

    Online schedule of loading docks provides an overview of transport arrivals, delays and deviations. It enables to make quick fact-based decisions and develop productive partnerships with customers and carriers.

  • Quick solutions to common problems
    Quick solutions to common problems

    If a truck driver is late or does not arrive at all, "Trevio Warehouse" helps to make quick decisions by rescheduling services and informing all the parties involved in the handling of the cargo in a few clicks.

  • A tool to measure warehouse efficiency
    A tool to measure warehouse efficiency

    "Trevio Warehouse" stores data on transport delays, load times, changes, etc. This data lets you measure warehouse efficiency, evaluate carriers and managers and follow your established key performance indicators (KPI's) as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • Lean communication
    Lean communication

     "Trevio Warehouse" lets you manage the traffic flow online and reduce calls and e-mails between shippers, carriers and consignees. All parties can see the cargo data live in our system and company managers can focus more on their direct tasks.

  • Coordinated resources
    Coordinated resources

    What happens if a truck arrives and you don't have the right equipment or physical resources available at that time? You lose time! Trevio Warehouse helps prevent such unexpected situations and allows you to plan resources in advance. That way the system helps to optimise loading and unloading. 

  • Customers'/carriers' assessment tool
    Customers'/carriers' assessment tool

    Accumulated data on deliveries allows you to analyse customers/carriers and evaluate who works well and who require improvements. This helps to rank customers/carriers and gives leverage for future contracts.

<p>Save with <strong>Trevio Warehouse</strong></p>

Save with Trevio Warehouse

  • 20 %

    Less staff and equipment is required

  • 40 %

    Time for unloading and loading is cut

  • 80 %

    Transport arrives on time

Process with Trevio Warehouse

The shipper or consignee logs in to the system and books a time slot for a carrier's driver to arrive.

The driver goes to shipper's or consignee's warehouse knowing exactly when to arrive for loading or unloading. It works even in the event of a chane in booking.

Staff at the warehouse knows exactly who, when and at which loading dock will arrive. It helps shipper, carrier and consignee manage their resources most efficiently.

The shipper or consignee books the time slot Carrier's driver goes to collect the cargo Everyone manages their resources

It is easy to start using

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